Professor Amsler's Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

An essential goal of all my teaching, aside from learning the techniques of flute playing, is to convey the joy of learning and the joy of self-discovery. Music is the expression of life's energy and the joy of playing music. Years of experience have shown me that learning any instrument is directly related to personality development. By teaching and learning in a humanistic way, the desired result can be achieved profoundly and quickly. This includes a surrounding where everybody feels comfortable. Getting along with each other in an atmosphere of friendly competition is also essential for the future career of every flute player, regardless of his/her major. The students learn to trust, to be honest with themselves and others, and to communicate.

The foundation of my teaching helps students progress very quickly in flute technique, in musical and stylistic matters, in listening and in being a flexible ensemble player as well as a leader. Another part of this process is of course helping students to develop a large knowledge of flute repertoire. Students should have fun with the flute in practicing and performing. When you have the technique and an understanding of style, you will be able to express yourself and feel the joy of life.

You are allowed to make mistakes. Learning is an experience. Observe yourself rather than control yourself. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can approach the flute with honesty and trust. Trust helps your body and mind find a better balance. This leads to a more open player.

After having these experiences, music flows from your heart.


Applied Flute


To develop in the student the proper physical approach to playing the instrument.
To develop the student musically.
To develop the students mental approach
To develop precision in the students playing.
For the student to learn the standard repertoire for the instrument.
For the student to learn the standard orchestral repertoire for the instrument.

Studio Class:
Held weekly, Studio Class will consist of performance classes, woodwind area recitals, special discussions (books), ensemble playing, listening, and other performance and pedagogical activities. Attendance is mandatory.

Flute Festival: Flute Summit - Health and Healing from the Americas
October 13-15, 2006. Mandatory for all students. Details to come.

Flute Choir: Required for all freshman (2 semesters mandatory to be completed within the first 2 years) and incoming graduate students (1 semester) ALL are welcome! Students can play in flute choir for all four years, but will only be able to receive credit hours for up to four semesters.

Wind Seminar: Attendance is mandatory for all undergraduate flute students. Held in Opperman Music Hall on various Wednesdays. Look for posted dates on the bulletin board beside Professor Goffs office.

Early Music Ensemble: Required of all beginning baroque recorder of flute graduate students in absence of baroque flute and recorder class. (O or 1 credit) See Dr. Kite-Powell for more information

Baroque Ensemble: Required for all advanced baroque recorder or flute graduate students in absence of baroque flute and recorder class. (0 or 1 credit) See Professor Valerie Arsenault for more information.

Flute Pedagogy: Required for all graduate performance flute students for two semesters in the first year.(0 or 1 credits)

Recitals: At least one performance per semester is mandatory. At the end of the semester, students may audition for the Studio Gala Recital; students will be accepted from each major.

Notebooks: Each student is required to keep a notebook with the following contents:
-Lesson notes: including important points, what to practice,
improvement, etc.
-An up-to-date repertoire list: including every piece you have
studied in the flute studio
-A record of your listening to recordings and opinions on what you
-A record of concerts you attend: please include actual programs
-All handouts including excerpt packets, etc.
*Notebooks will be collected at the end of each semester and
reviewed by the teacher for grading purposes. The contents of
your notebook are for your benefit. The depth of the contents is
up to you. The list above details what we consider complete.

Accompanists: Every semester each flute student should set aside at least $75 for an accompanist for recitals and/or juries. Money for accompanists is comparable to money for books. Accompanists for performances and juries: the accompanist will participate in the flute lesson as often as needed (at least 2 times mandatory). Accompanists are to be secured, approved by the teacher and brought to the lesson at least one month prior to the jury. Lack of funding for accompanists will no longer be tolerated.


Lessons: No un-excused make-ups except in case of missed lesson by instructor.
Excused absences: ensemble tours, etc. please notify the teacher and arrange for a makeup lesson at least 1 week prior to the absence. Absences will be excused for illness and family emergencies only. Professor Amsler and TAs will read their email daily. If you are ill, you need to notify your teacher by email or phone prior to 9:00 a.m.

Studio classes: Un-excused absences in excess of 1 will affect your grade. You must make time in your schedule for studio classes. Make up assignments will be required by your instructor.

Flute performances: ALL of Professor Amslers recitals and performances are mandatory. Other recital requirements TBA.

Flute Choir: Un-excused absences in excess of 1 will affect your grade. Absences must be excused one week in advance and a substitute should be confirmed to take your place.

Wind seminar: Over 2 absences will result in the final grade dropping by half a letter for additional absence.


Flute Class Repertoire: See separate repertoire sheet, which includes sound and technical studies (parts of them memorized) as well as etudes, excerpts and pieces.

For individual repertoire see Professor Amsler and talk to your applied instructor. Music should be acquired by each student for the first week of classes. Photocopies are allowed, but student must have his own part from which he can practice and perform.


Each student is evaluated at each lesson for progress, including the development of their own personality.
Students are subject at the end of each year to either a final examination or jury.
1) Every student begins with a 100[r>2) Lessons and your public performance equals 60à If you have more than one solo performance per semester, your best one counts.
3) Preparation and performing in studio class and involvement in book discussions equals 20[r>4) Attendance in lessons, studio class, wind seminar and required recitals equals 20[r>5) For make ups for missed recitals and bonus percentages, see Professor Amsler.
6) Notebooks will be collected at the end of each semester and will benefit the teacher in accumulating a final overall lesson grade. An incomplete notebook will drop your grade by half a letter. The lack of a notebook will drop your grade by a whole letter.

Juries are given by the College of Music and wind faculty.

Freshman Sophomores
2 contrasting pieces (different styles) 2 contrasting pieces (different styles)
2 etudes 2 etudes
Major/minor scales, Chromatic and Major/minor, chromatic/whole tone scales
Whole tone scales Pentatonic and Octatonic Scales

Junior Senior
Performance players: 1 half recital with jury 1 full recital with jury

Non-Performance players: 1 complete work (8 minutes) Senior project Recital Student 2 etudes with jury

Senior BME students have the option to continue taking lessons after they have completed their project recitals or can complete a flute pedagogy project. The project will include observing 3 lessons, with 3 different teachers, over the course of 3 weeks. A paper about these observations would conclude the project.

Grading for each semester is based on student improvement, attitude, dedication, motivation, involvement, attendance, preparedness, and the strength of the final examination or jury. Students should be prepared for every lesson, every week.


Professor Amsler and the flute TAs will frequently communicate with flute students, using their email address. Therefore, it will be necessary for all flute students to have an email account and to check their email daily. Flute students are encouraged to communicate directly with Professor Amsler by email.

Students are expected to uphold the Academic Honor Code published in the Florida State University Bulletin and the Student Handbook

This class complies with the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA). Students with disabilities needing academic accommodations should:
1) Register with and provide documentation to the student Disability Resource Center (SCRC); and 2) Bring a letter to the instructor from the SCRC indicating you need academic accommodations. This should be done within the first week of class.
This syllabus is available upon request in alternative formats for individuals with print-related disabilities.

Flute Summit 2006

If you click on this photo you will be taken to our slideshow of over 60 photos from the Flute Summit at Florida State University.

We hope you enjoy it!


Today we are delighted to offer our cookbook....

The Cookbook, Fall 2006

The Flute Association at Florida State University has compiled over 70 family recipes from members of the FSU Flute Studio and put them together in one amazing cookbook! Many of these recipes have been handed down amongst families for generations. So, by purchasing a cookbook you not only help the Flute Association at Florida State University, you will receive many savory recipes you won’t find anywhere else!

How to order: We are currently taking pre-orders for the cookbooks!

Cookbooks will be printed and ready for delivery on December 1st, 2006 and are $20 each. Please fill out the form below and return with a check. OR if you are submitting this online please print out this form after cutting and pasting it into a word processing file and mail it in with your check.

Thank you for your support!

Name:_________________________ Date:__________________


State:__________ Zip Code:_____________________________

Phone: (_____) ___________ Email:_________________________

Number of Cookbooks:________ X $20.00

Total Enclosed:___________________________________________

Make Checks Payable to: FSU Flute Association

Mailing Address: The Flute Association at Florida State University

c/o Eva Amsler

Florida State University College of Music

Tallahassee, FL 32303 - 1180

Video Services

We will post information on our video services here.

Reception Services Information

Our outstanding reception coordinators offer several packages/pricing options so that you can choose the one that is right for you. Each package serves up to 100 guests and include various types of food, depending upon what you are looking for.

*** Below is an example Reception Packet. If you would like to fill out this form online, please cut and paste the document below, fill it out, and email the completed document to We will be in contact with you shortly.

Reception Packages:

1. Budget Package ($30.00)

* You provide the food and we will set up the reception, serve the food and clean up afterwards.
* 2-3 reception workers involved

2. Basic Package ($60.00)

* one 14-inch sheet cake
* coke products or water
* forks
* napkins
* plates
* toothpicks
* table cloth
* background music provided (you must provide the CD)
* 3-4 reception workers involved

3. Deluxe Package ($85.00)

* basic package


* assorted sandwiches (your choice of any 3 of the following: pimento cheese, turkey, ham, bologna or tuna salad)
* chips (your choice of any 2 of the following: chex mix, potato chips, pretzels, peanuts or Tostitos)
* balloons
* 5-6 reception workers involved

4. Ultimate Package (125.00)

* deluxe package


* large mixed fruit tray
* large vegetable tray
* balloons
* flowers (small arrangement)
* 6-7 reception workers involved

5. Custom Package (price TBD)

* You put together your own custom package by choosing individual items from the different packages listed above. (Please fill out the custom reception information form in this packet.)


Timeline for Your Reception

At least one week prior to recital:

1. Turn packet in to one of the drop off locations or email completed document to
2. Meet with the event manager to discuss the details of the reception. A reception location will be discussed. (KMU lounge, HMU classroom, Opperman Mezzanine)

C. Turn in the payment for the reception and the signed reception contract to the event manager. Once this is complete, the reception will be reserved.

Day of the Recital:

1. The reception team will transport the food/materials to the room and set-up your reception approximately one hour before the recital begins.
2. Following the reception, our team will clean up and present any unused money. At this time, return the reception services exiting form.

A Few Reminders

*** We cannot serve any alcoholic beverages.

*** All receptions will be held on campus.

*** If you requested the basic, deluxe or ultimate package, you will need to bring your CD for us to play. Our reception team will provide a small stereo. Please be sure the music is in good taste.

*** All money WILL be collected before the reception date. Checks are accepted up to one week prior to the recital. Checks are payable to: FSU Flute Association. Cash is also accepted.


Name: ______________________________

Phone Number: _______________________

Email: ______________________________

Date of Upcoming Recital: _______________

Time: _______________________________

Location: ____________________________

RECEPTION PACKAGE (please check one of the following boxes):

_____ Budget Package ($30.00)

____ Basic Package ($60.00)

_____ Deluxe Package ($85.00)

_____ Ultimate Package ($125.00)

_____ Custom Package (Price TBD)

SPECIFICATIONS (please check one from each category)


_____ white

_____ chocolate

_____ marble


_____ red

_____ blue

MESSAGE ON TOP OF CAKE (please print clearly): ________________________

ASSORTED SANDWICHES (please check three from the following)

____ turkey

____ ham

____ pimento cheese

____ bologna

____ tuna

CHIPS (please check two from the following)

____ chex mix

____ Tostitos

____ potato chips

____ peanuts

____ pretzels


$30.00 (flat fee- required of all student reception requests)


$45.00 (flat fee- required of all faculty reception requests)

$ (sales tax- ???)




This is a special package designed for those students who want to custom design their reception. Please check all of the boxes that apply to your need, the quantity and total the cost at the end of the form.


___ Cups ($1.99)

___ Forks ($1.99)

___ Plates ($1.29)

___ Toothpicks (250 for $.59)

___ Napkins (250 for $1.50)

___ Table Cloth ($2.59)


___ Pretzels ($2.19)

___ Chex Mix ($3.19)

___ Potato Chips ($2.19)

___ Peanuts ($2.19)

___ Tostitos ($2.19)

Fruit/Veggie Trays

___ Large Fruit Tray ($15.00)

___ Large Vegetable Tray ($15.00)

Assorted Sandwiches

___ Sandwich Party Platter ($15.00_

Please check any 3 of the following:

___ Pimento Cheese

___ Tuna

___ Turkey

___ Ham

___ Bologna


___ Jug of Spring Water ($.99)

___ Dispenser ($1.99)

___ Coke Products ($1.25 each)

___ 2 liter coke products (4/$5.00)

Cake (14-inch sheet)


___ White

___ Chocolate

___ Marble

Icing Color:

___ red

___ blue

Message on top of cake (please print clearly)



___ Latex Balloons ($.89)

Specify color:_______

___ Flowers ($10.00 for a small arrangement)

Music: Yes or no (please circle one- we will provide a stereo, but you must provide the CD for the background music)


$ (total of items above)

$30.00 (flat fee- required of all student reception requests)


$45.00 (flat fee- required of all faculty reception requests)

$ (sales tax- ???)



I, __________________, have requested reception services provided through the FSU Flute Association for my event happening on ___________________. I agree to pay the total cost on the reception form (cost of package in addition to flat fee) at the time I sign this contract (at least one prior week to the recital.) Should my plans change and I desire to cancel my request with the FSU Flute Association, I understand that my money will be refunded only if the food and materials have not yet been purchased.

Signature of student ______________________

Signature of committee member _____________________

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



I would rank my reception experience with the FSU Flute Association as:

(Please circle one of the following:)


Very Good